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Forging Connecting-rod.


cross-head and rod. The shoulder of the butt is next knifed out
at c, and the rod drawn down and swaged as shewn at D, the
taper given at E, aad the ^vhole cut of to proper length. Finally,
the porter Is put through the furnace, as in the case of the crank
shaft, the clamps being transferred to E, and the butt end finished
by cutting off at F to the correct length.

The Connecting-rod in Fig, 128 is a little more difficult,

but no new principle is involved. A is the finished rod. Sufficient
material is first attached to the porter to make the forked end
and about half or more of the rod. This is shewn in progress at
B. It is next drawn down by sets and swages to the form c, and